City of Troy, Texas

Visuals are powerful tools when you’re looking for buy-in. When someone can see an idea or concept, they are more likely to understand and support it. The city administrator of the City of Troy, Texas, contacted us to create a visual concept of what an extension of Troy’s main street might look like. The City wanted to use these visuals and future scenarios to attract investors.

The City had no existing data, but did convey their vision for the extension site, a 4-acre area that was located off of an I-35 frontage road and partially occupied by abandoned buildings. The Administrator wanted to show park space, new development in a style similar to the existing downtown, and a sidewalk and street representation with accurate measurements.

Using CityEngine as a modeling tool, we put together an interactive web scene that allows for an automated fly-through, before-and-after views of the downtown extension, and selectable data layers. These web scenes are perfect for visualizing street level views and getting a feel for walking through a new virtual development.


Fly-through 3D world with interactive data layers


Visualize street-level views and human scaled experiences


Compare before and after scenarios of potential development

3D Visualization of Downtown Extension

3D Visualization
Civic Analytics provided the City a valuable 3D modeling tool to assist with promoting a vision for our downtown area. This type of technology is a game changer, because it essentially converts plans into 3D presentations that ordinary people can connect to. The process of bringing our vision to life was 100% stress free. Great job Civic Analytics!

David Lowry
City Administrator