Civic Analytics helped leaders in Sonoma and Mendocino counties create the region’s first-ever comprehensive economic development strategy, earn designation as a federally funded Economic Development District, and obtain funding from the Economic Development Administration.

Austin’s economic development story turns on the mutually reinforcing relationship between technology and talent that has propelled the region’s growth over the last thirty years. So when Austin Technology Council members began reporting difficulty filling jobs, ATC sought to develop solutions. ATC turned to Civic Analytics for a workforce gap analysis, identifying which occupations were most critical for growth and innovation and measuring supply and demand in the labor market to create a sense of urgency about education and training.

“ATC’s partnership with Civic Analytics has proven to be one of the most valuable partnerships to the organization and to the tech community. The data, context, and insight provided by Brian and his team have built a solid foundation from which the tech and broader community have gleaned understanding about the tech sector’s importance and influence in Central Texas.”

Julie Huls, CEO, Austin Technology Council

Civic Analytics helped the Austin Technology Council develop a definition for the tech sector and measure its impact on the Austin economy. President Obama cited the study in a May 2013 speech at Manor New Tech High, attracting attention from the writers at PolitiFact Texas.

Civic Analytics and Oldmixon Consulting completed Greater Washington Works: IT and Health Careers with Promise for the Greater Washington Community Foundation. The research, funded by JPMorgan Chase, identified “middle-skill” jobs–those that require education and training after high school but less than a four-year degree–that could help address the skills gap and lift people out of poverty and into living-wage careers. The research was used to award $1 million in grant funding to local nonprofits for training 250 workers.

“Civic Analytics’ content and project management expertise were critically important to us at the Greater Washington Workforce Collaborative in our efforts to better understand the IT and Healthcare landscape. Their work directly informed our grant-making strategy, netting $1 million in investments in our local community and helping hundreds access high quality training opportunities. We can’t speak highly enough about Brian!”

Benton Murphy, Associate Vice President, Community Investment, Greater Washington Community Foundation

During the 2012 presidential election we were intrigued by how politically divided Americans had become in their views of government’s involvement in our lives. Romney’s infamous “makers and takers” comment was debated endlessly leading up to the election as a framing for shifts in the Republican base–a harbinger of what was to come in 2016–but our post-election analysis revealed an interesting paradox: Of the 25 counties whose residents were most reliant on government transfer payments, 21 counties voted for Romney.

Brian Kelsey was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Emsi Conference, where he talked about his experience using data to tell stories that inspire action. This Q&A about Brian’s career path and understanding of what economic development really means and should achieve for communities is as relevant today to our work as it was then.

“Brian offers the incredibly hard-to-find combination of deep academic understanding and the ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. He does it all–from data analysis to keynote presentations–with creativity, integrity, and candor.”

Randall Kempner, Executive Director, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs at The Aspen Institute