What We Do

We turn complex data into clear, actionable information.

Data tells us what the numbers are. Information tells us why the numbers matter. We help leaders get from the "what" to the "why," so they can confidently make the big moves that keep communities thriving.


We provide meaningful, quantitatively rigorous insights based on an expert command of community, economic, and labor market data. Our goal for all projects is to empower clients with information that is clear, actionable, and delivers a high return on investment.


Buzzwords like "big data" may be fashionable these days, but smart research always starts with asking good questions. We possess the intuition and experience to help clients ask the right questions, the analytical minds to answer them, and the communication skills to help clients leverage newfound information with stakeholders.


We have earned a reputation for positively engaging audiences on  difficult and often controversial issues related to the state of the economy and how development impacts communities. We deliver custom presentations on economic and labor market topics that leave audiences with clear, data-driven calls to action.

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