Fact Checks

The Music City is not adding 100 people per day

From CityLab yesterday on Why Nashville Can’t Quit Country Music:

“Thanks to a surging economy and an onrushing hot-city rep, the Music City has been gaining about 100 new residents a day.”

Not really.

The “100 people per day” is a wonderful talking point for realtors and others leveraging growth to serve a special interest or to support a political argument. But it’s not true, or, to be more accurate, it’s not defensible using publicly available data. Ditto, Austin.

Fact Checks

Everything really is bigger in Texas, including the BS on “free markets”

There is a long history of Very Serious politicians in Texas who love the free market. Former Governor Perry was a fan. Ken Paxton, the state’s current attorney general and a tea party Republican, is too, according to this Statesman story on the Google investigation:

“There is nothing wrong with a business becoming the biggest game in town if it does so through free market competition,” Paxton said.

Since Paxton took office in 2015 Texas officials have granted more than $200 million in subsidies to companies for economic development and participated in a $460 million “megadeal” awarded to Exxon in 2017, according to data compiled by Good Jobs First.

That’s quite an embrace.