Christmas in August for demographers

Let the barrage of hot takes on which places are growing, which places are “dying,” and which places are earning spots on the click-baity best-of lists. 2020 Census data is rolling out, starting this week.

Census staff went all-in on packaged stories and visualizations for this release, but didn’t make it easy for data novices to quickly find the one statistic they are anxious to get, their 2020 population counts.

Here’s the fastest way I could find to navigate to it:

Go to Decennial Census P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data

Scroll down to the Data Tool dropdown:

Select QuickFacts and enter a geography of interest in the search box:

Here you can see that the Population Estimates program has possibly been overestimating populations in Raleigh and Austin, and underestimating in Nashville, subject to checking margins of error.

As this release is intended to be used for redistricting, race/ethnicity data is also available, but only readily accessible for states, counties, and census tracts. Check out the Map Viewer:

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